From a Simple Need to a Global Solution

Hi there, I’m Karel Nagel, the one-man army behind Asius.

My journey with Asius began not as a grand tech ambition, but from a very personal need. Living in Estonia, I realized that many of our news outlets didn’t translate Russian content into Estonian. Given the globalized world we live in, this gap felt limiting. It wasn’t just about the news - it was about understanding cultures, perspectives, and the world around us.

I thought to myself, “In an era of cutting-edge technology, why hasn’t anyone tackled this?” That’s when Asius was born - a platform designed to break language barriers and bring content from every corner of the world to everyone, regardless of their linguistic background.

Today, Asius goes beyond just news. We’re empowering content creators, educators, entertainers, and everyday users to ensure their voices, stories, and ideas are heard and understood worldwide. I want to personally thank each one of you for trusting in this vision and joining us on this incredible journey.

Here’s to a world without language barriers!

Karel Nagel
Founder & CEO & Developer & Marketer at Asius